About DK Consulting

DK Consulting of Colorado helps organizations align their online presence with their business goals through a comprehensive content strategy. Customers can walk away with organized, easily managed content that is targeted to their audience(s). They can also benefit from well-designed processes through which they can create and maintain their own useful, relevant, and well-performing content and social media posts. Individual content creators can grow their skills under professional guidance.

Leveraging the discipline of content strategy, your consultant will focus on the internal structures that support and deliver your organization’s key communications. That framework can include a content architecture, content development processes and governance, content metadata and reuse, SEO, analytics, social media tactics, and other methodologies that enable your content to be effective, efficient, and scalable. Growing businesses can even achieve “ERP-like” content systems that leverage modularity and reusability.

Summary of services:

✪ Content Marketing Strategy
✪ Social Media Strategy
✪ Messaging Alignment  
✪ Project Management  
✪ Technical/Business Writing & Editing  
✪ Coaching/Mentoring & Training  
✪ Workflow & Governance  
✪ SEO & Analytics  

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