Instructions Need a Dénouement, Too

If your job is to create instructions for a product user, plot it out, and don’t skip the dénouement!

Unfamiliar with the term “dénouement?” In literature, the term refers to the ultimate outcome or explanation of a plotline. Literally, in Middle French (its origin), it means to “untie” or “unravel.”

What does all this have to do with writing instructions? If your instructions are taking a user on a journey through a set of tasks (think Campbell’s hero’s journey here), then I urge you to “unravel” the expected outcome of their journey for them – and help them to know they are on the right path along the way. Here’s how.

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Adapting Content for a New Audience – My Journey in 4 Steps

Recasting existing content for use by a different audience or in a different context empowers you as a writer – as a marketer – and/or as a consultant. And it is a great way to reuse evergreen content.

I discovered this myself when I rewrote four existing blog posts – aimed at fellow bloggers – as a single blog post aimed at project managers.

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