A Content Intervention Checklist

With all of the shifts in customer expectations that have arisen out of recent events, you’ve probably felt the need to re-evaluate your current content offerings. But where to start?

I’ve gathered my recommendations in a straight-forward checklist that you can download for free.

I built this checklist after seeing the response to my blog “5 Steps to Pandemic-Sensitive Content.” Readers wanted to understand the pressures their customers/users were feeling in this new reality, and most readers responded positively to the steps I outlined for adjusting their content accordingly.

Then came the news of George Floyd’s death, and I, like so many others, became absorbed in the response, searching for words when none seemed adequate…realizing that our actions matter more than our words.

And yet the images and the words that we present as our brand to our customer/users DO matter. They matter as much as–or even more than–ever.

So I urge you to use this checklist to re-evaluate your customer/user needs in light of this, and any, emerging situation so that you can update your content appropriately. I offer this checklist free of charge. I only ask that you email me with your feedback and your thoughts on how well it helped you.

Note: Use the Fill & Sign function in Acrobat Reader to check off each step and add comments as needed.

Thank you. I wish you peace.

Black lives matter.

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