Content Professions: Pandemic 2020 and Beyond

Some of us marched; some of us planted gardens, and some of us turned new perspectives into new endeavors. What did you do during the 2020 pandemic? (I hear my future grandchildren asking.)

On Mondays during the last quarter of 2020, I began publishing mini-essays on LinkedIn. Some were purposeful. Some were playful. Some bordered on the inspired (maybe).

This effort was separate from my Pandemic-related blogs and website content:

These professional missives instead poked at, prodded, and pondered the role of the content professional during turbulence – in a project, in an enterprise, and in the world at large.

I share the more content-centric snippets here.

Sometimes I pondered questions aloud in hopes that answers would be forthcoming:

LinkedIn post asking a question
LInkedIn post asking a question

Sometimes I wrote about interesting topics from conferences I attended:

LinkedIn post with bulleted list of observations

Most of the time, I seem to have pondered and then offered an answer to my own questions:

LinkedIn Post with 3 paragraphs
LinkedIn post with photo of mobile phone
Linkedin post (long) with photo of laptop.
LinkedIn post with photo of keyboard with caution cone on it.

And sometimes, I reflected on a painful professional moment from my past:

LinkedIn post with multiple paragraphs

Where did these reflections leave me? Sometimes I wanted to say more, hear more, discuss more. But, to be honest, sometimes they left me with a writer’s block that took days to overcome. I try not to over-analyze, knowing that I can find inspiration from the many sources around me. But I do believe that pandemic politics, particularly toward the end of 2020 took its toll. So I am admitting here that sometimes the noise of threat and fear can be overwhelming.

Here’s to more opportunities for reflection in 2021!

To see a complete list of my 4 months of Monday mini-essays, review my LinkedIn article “Pandemic Mondays in Perspective.” Follow me on LinkedIn: or on Twitter: @dkconsultco.

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